Best Saltwater Spinning Reel Reviews 2019 [ Buyer’s Guide ]

One of the things that makes fishing easier for the people in this world is a reel. As you can already guess, reels did not exist in the primitive age. People mostly caught the fishes using spears which, as you can imagine, was not the easiest way to do it. Then, after a few more developments came the reels that made things easier for the fishermen by not just helping to set a trap but also by utilizing the strength and multiplying it. After that, just the way you find juices in different flavors, many different types of reels became available. One of them is our star today and it is none other than the spinning reels.

Well, the ease of spinning reels brought to the world of fishing is mentionable. With the spinning reel’s easy methods and mechanism, beginners found learning to fish a bit less daunting. When the beginning goes smooth, people look forward to developing their skills rather than running away from difficulty.
However, finding the best saltwater spinning reel s not as easy as learning to fish with it. In fact, you do not just have to consider the features that make it a good reel but also the features that make it good for saltwater fishing. However, everyone should support a good cause and fishing is one.

We want to make your path to finding the best saltwater spinning reel easier for you by telling you everything there is to consider when buying it and through with our saltwater spinning reels reviews.

The Best Saltwater Spinning Reels Reviews

10 Best Spinning Reels Reviews

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1. Accurate TwinDrag SR Spinning Reels.

With TwinDrag in the name, this reel pretty much clears the confusion about what it is capable of. Well, if you are still confused, let us break it down for you. Apparently, this is a spinning reel that may not look very big but with its twin-drag system is capable of handling big catches like marlin, tuna, etc.

Now, with higher drag, you may be expecting more drag spikes. But, fortunately, this reel will give you the smoothest time on the water, with a smooth cast and retrieve. How? Well, it comes backed by five stainless steel bearings. So, the bearings will themselves be free of rust and keep other parts of the reel going smooth. Apart from that, the overall build of the reel is top notch as well. It is, in fact, made from aircraft grade aluminum. Therefore, you can expect it to last for years.

If you want to get the job done fast and have your meal on the table soon then this reel can help you. With a gear ratio of 6:1, it helps you retrieve the line quickly. Moreover, it lets you retrieve 50 inches of line in one spin.
However, the greater speed does cut its strength short. But, the accuracy of this reel may be more than enough to make up for the lost strength. In fact, most customers praised the accuracy this reel was able to provide.
You will enjoy all its beautiful features quite comfortably with the nicely designed handle. Apart from that, the reel has machined holes in it to reduce the buildup of heat which just keeps things better.


• Very accurate in action.
• Capable of going after larger fishes.
• Very smooth in operation.
• Made of good-quality materials.
• Has a good speed.
• Comfortable to use.
• Resists heat buildup


• A bit expensive.
• Low torque.

2. Shimano Saragosa 25000SW Saltwater.

If you want a reel that has enough power to deal with the aggressive big fishes then you just found one of the best Shimano saltwater reels for the purpose. In fact, it is larger in size just how it is made for the larger species. You will never run out of power to catch the biggies with it.

The first feature that helps the power is definitely the drag. Apparently, you get a drag of 22-44 pounds maximum. Furthermore, the system has a waterproof construction which keeps the harsh seawater outside. Thus, you can expect the drag to go on smoothly and also serve you for a long time since it’s exposure to corrosion is reduced. Apart from that, its cold-forged-aluminum body also does a decent job in keeping it durable. The gears are also cold-forged and they also work together to give you the smoothest retrieve possible.

Now, what makes the whole system run smoothly is the 5+1 bearings this reel features of course. Then, it also has the propulsion line management system which accepts both mono and braided lines. Furthermore, this system helps to minimize the occurrences of knots and bird nests. Though a customer complained that the lines do not really set on the spool parallelly. If that really happens then the cast will not be very accurate or effective. One of the bigger problems with this reel is the lack of control like you would enjoy with a baitrunner.
Overall, you will be able to afford this monster of a reel that is capable of bringing in bigger fishes for you. You might have a bit of trouble with control but you do not expect much of that from a spinning reel anyway now, do you?

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• The waterproof drag system makes it perform smoothly.
• The materials used in the build make it quite durable.
• 5+1 bearings do their job well.
• Houses enough power, resistance and strength to fight the bigger fishes.
• Very smooth is operation.
• Quite affordable.


• Not the most accurate.
• Not very easy to control.
• The handle and crank might not be the most user-friendly.


3. PENN Slammer III 9500

The PENN Slammer III 9500 reel does not just look classy in its black and golden body but will also make you feel classy when you eat those fishes you caught with it. You can consider it one of the best among the Penn saltwater spinning reels available in terms of power and quality.  Apparently, there are many sizes of the Slammer III model and the 9500 is one of the larger ones. Therefore, with this, you can carelessly deal with bigger fishes. In fact, it has a maximum drag of around 60 lbs.

Now, the fishes that big will definitely put up a great fight in which the drag alone won’t be enough. Luckily, the drag is not alone. It is backed by amazing line capacity and strong, smooth backup by other quality parts of this reel. In fact, this reel uses a waterproof IPX6 sealed gear and drag system due to which the corrosion is minimum and strength plus durability maximum. Moreover, it features an aluminum body, side plates and rotor, and CNC Brass gearing. All these do not just resist corrosion but friction as well.

So, you are assured to get the smoothest performance there is. Speaking of smooth again, the six stainless steel bearings it features do not fail you either. Furthermore, you get better control over your casts with the manual bail trip that comes with this model. One of the problems most customers faced was they wanted to loosen the drag. Apparently, the drag is meant to be kept tight for the increased power against big fishes so you cannot really loosen it easily for any good purpose.


• A quality, powerful reel at an affordable price.
• Very well-protected and efficient drag system.
• The clever design of various parts with suitable materials.
• Totally corrosion-resistant and durable.
• Quite smooth in operation and also accurate.
• Good line capacity.


• The size is not very versatile and may prove to be too stiff for fishing for other unsuitable sized fishes.
• The drag cannot be loosened.

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4. SHIMANO THUNNUS CI4 Saltwater Spinning Fishing Reel

Want to fish for larger fishes all day without feeling a thing except fun and cause the least damage to your equipment? Then, the Shimano Thunnus CI4 is for you. It is, apparently, a baitrunner spinning reel which allows you to go after fishes that put up a good run. Unlike most reels, his reel is actually made of Carbon Intrusion 4 fiber. Now, why buy a carbon reel? Because it reduces the weight of the reel on you, makes the reel stronger in build and finally, puts up a good corrosion resistance. So, despite the strength you enjoy, your hands or you will not get tired.

The greatest thing about this reel is not only its strength and lightweight but also its smoothness. Well, it does allow you to cast quite far and the propulsion line management prevents knots and birds nests while you cast or retrieve. Other than that, the gears made with a combination of cold-forged aluminum and Brass resists corrosion and even friction keeping things flowing smoothly.

Now, everything top-notch would be meaningless without a top-notch drag system. But, it is not since this reel features a dartainium double drag system with cross carbon washers which provides you with a good amount of drag for the large fishes. Furthermore, the drag is super smooth in its operation. You do not have to worry about rust at all since the six ball bearings are anti-rust. Apart from all that, you will actually enjoy using this reel because of the over-sized handles that are comfortable to hold. However, they might stick to your hand over time.


• Very lightweight.
• Carbon construction makes it very strong and durable.
• Extremely smooth operation.
• The dual drag is very user-friendly and efficient.
• Comfortable handles.
• Good line capacity.


• A bit on the expensive side.
• The handles tend to get stuck to fingers over time.
• Many customers received used products.

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5. Daiwa Saltiga 6500H Saltwater Spinning Reel

No angler wants any kind of disturbances or pressure from the reel they are working with and the Saltiga 6500H does not provide any. In fact, the Saltiga 6500H is one of the best Daiwa saltwater spinning reels. Not only does it deal with saltwater in the most unique and interesting way but also has enough power to deal with the larger species.

The first thing you are free from when using this is from being stuck or other buffers. How? Well, the Saltiga 6500H uses three Magsealed ball bearings that run in a magnetized oil-filled chamber in races. Thus, they are lubricated as much as required and also kept free from corrosion to increase durability.
Moreover, there is a total of 14 bearings in the reel which keeps everything smooth and thus, you free from stoppages that could make you lose your prey. Apparently, it is not just the smoothness that you get from it but you also get comfort.

First of all, the reel is very lightweight. So, even if you work with it for hours, you will not be tired. The handle is quite comfortable too. When you cast it, you can cast it quite far. Moreover, you have to close the bail manually so that the bail does not close too early. While this provides you with better accuracy many do not like this feature.
The gear ratio is 5.7:1 so you can expect a lot of power from it alongside a decent amount of speed. Since, the reel has many features backing it up in smoothness, the emphasis on power is quite acceptable. Apart from all that, the reel has an aluminum construction so you can expect it to last for quite some time.

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• Very smooth in performance.
• Quite accurate in casting as well because of the manual bail closing.
• Houses ample power.
• Unique bearing arrangement.
• Corrosion-resistant with a waterproof body.
• Comfortable and lightweight.
• Quite speedy.


• The manual bail closing may not be a good option for beginners.
• Quite expensive.

6. Shimano Stella SWB Saltwater Spinning Reels

This is another one of the Shimano saltwater spinning reels that impress angles worldwide. Apparently, this one is not just best for saltwater but also one of the best choices for anglers who are busy jiggling. The Shimano has a number of features that justifies its high price point.

Firstly, what makes a great saltwater reel? Resistance to corrosion. And, SHIMANO does have the best and unique way of resisting corrosion. It does not even let the saltwater touch its important parts to initiate corrosion.
How? With its X-Shield and X-Protect technology. Firstly, the X-shield gives the body gaskets and o-rings at 12 points that keep the saltwater, dust, and grime out. Secondly, the X-Protect acts like a sealed gasket around the rotor keeping it waterproof.

Thus, the greatest worry about saltwater reels is dealt with. Secondly, the reel is very lightweight but not as lightweight as the previous models. But, it can be used for hours for jiggling without fatigue. Now, if you think the lightweight won’t let you target larger species then you are wrong. Apparently, the reel features a good range of drag power that you can choose from.

The best news is that Stella pretty much has the highest drag power offering! Furthermore, the drag is super smooth too. You can choose from 29 to 66 lbs. Of maximum drag.
Apart from that, the strength of the cold-forged aluminum spool backs it up. The 14+1 ball bearings also keep it moving smoothly. Furthermore, the line management system prevents line breakages.



• Excellent protection against corrosion.
• Very smooth and strong drag system.
• Comfortable non-slip handle.
• The rotors are always aligned and move smoothly.
• Good enough speed for jiggling.
• Lightweight yet very powerful.
• Assists great casts.


• Very expensive.
• Not as lightweight as the previous models.
• Might break due to some plastic parts.


7. Penn Spinfisher V 9500 Spinning Reel

The Penn Spinfisher V 9500 is another one of the Penn conventional spinning reels that are high-quality performers at an affordable price it is best saltwater spinning reel under 200. In fact, you will love saltwater fishing with these reels because of a few features dedicated only for this purpose. Apart from that, it offers two versions- regular and live so you can go after live bait as well if you want to. What the reel features are a waterproof body that keeps most of the water out. However, it is not completely waterproof and there is a problem when some water gets in. The problem is that if some of the water gets inside the gasket, it stays there.

In order to get the water out, you will have to take the whole reel apart. Apart from that, the reel does seem to corrode over time if not taken care of properly. Therefore, it requires a bit of maintenance and cleaning after each use.

The reel features a complete metal body with a heavy duty aluminum bail wire. What will amaze you most is its powerful drag system that is not just capable of handling big fishes but also super smooth. However, it is best when you let the reel and rod do their job alone when a fish is pulling the drag. Aligning the line properly may require some effort on our part. Also, close the bail yourself when casting as the job done by the reel is not good enough. Or else, you will have a lot to complain about. You will, however, love holding this reel as the handle is made from great quality material.

The reel is a bit heavy but if you are alright with that, it will help you catch the heavier fishes. The stainless steel ball bearings work well and are anti-rust too. Therefore, you really win a lot at the price point.


• A waterproof gasket design.
• All metal body and quality parts.
• Super strong and smooth drag system.
• Comfortable and good-quality handle.
• Efficient bearings.
• Reasonably priced.


• A bit heavy.
• Manual bail closing needed.
• Not fully waterproof.
• Requires maintenance.


8. Daiwa BG 8000 Saltwater Spinning Reel

If you are on a budget, this Daiwa reel is definitely the best saltwater spinning reel for the money. In fact, this upholds the Daiwa saltwater spinning reels legacy and keeps the company’s reputation. What you can expect from it are fast retrieves, strong drag, and quality construction. The first thing that will catch your eyes is the Anodized aluminum body with the Hard Bodyz cover. What this does is give an extra layer of protection against peel-offs and corrosion to the reel. Moreover, it makes the reel look amazing.

Secondly, the Carbon ATD drag system is not just powerful but waterproof and smooth as well. You will definitely be able to target a long range of fishes, even the larger ones with the various drag powers available. This system is free of any jerky motion. You can close the bail manually but know that the size of the reel keeps the bail very close to the rod so it might hit your knuckles when you use it. The reel may seem a bit heavy too. However, you will be able to cast really well with it and the retrieve will be fats and smooth as well.

The ABS spool, teamed with the bearings perform well too but the spool is not anodized. You will like using the comfortable screw-in handle that despite being screwed-in will not provide any wobbly feeling.

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• Very smooth in operation.
• Waterproof and anodized body.
• Powerful and smooth drag.
• Casts really well and smoothly.
• Manual bail is very useful.


• A bit heavy.
• The bail is too close to the rod.
• The spool is not anodized.


9. Piscifun Flame Spinning Reels Light Weight Ultra Smooth Spinning Fishing Reels.

When it comes to performance and comfort, this reel will win you over. Moreover, it will win you over at an affordable price. Everyone is amazed at how well this reel performs, how great it looks and how comfortable it feels. Apparently, it features a graphite body which is really lightweight. So, you or even your child can use it for hours and not feel tired. Apart from that, it features a red aluminum spool which is also lightweight and looks great with the black matte body.

Even when you are not fishing, you will be tempted to keep this reel in view at your house because of its beautiful appearance. Enough about outer beauty, let’s check out the inner ones now. This reel will let you cast and retrieve the line smoothly with the help of the ten of its ball bearings. Furthermore, these are paired with precision gear engagement so you can expect to cast smoothly and also precisely. Although the lightweight might give you a wrong idea about its strength, do not think that this reel is by any means less powerful.

With its amazing drag system, it can help you catch much much bigger fishes than itself and also as aggressive as ones from the deep sea waters. You can use both mono and braided lines with it, also with an assurance that there will be no or minimum knots or birds nests when you cast or retrieve. The only disappointing factor about this reel would be that even though it is for saltwater usage, it does not deal with rust that well.

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• Excellent value for the money.
• A very strong performance while dealing with stronger, larger fishes.
• Very smooth in operation.
• Lightweight and comfortable to hold.
• Appealing appearance.


• Rusts quite easily.

10. Okuma Cedros High-Speed Spinning Reel

If you are fond of jiggling, the Okuma Cedros spinning reel is one of the best Okuma saltwater spinning reels for jiggling. Apparently, it has a design that mainly supports vertical jiggling. Considering the price and the quality, you may as well consider it the best Okuma spinning reel. What will mainly amaze you is this reel’s amazing drag system. It features a dual force drag system that has more drag surface area to reduce pressure on lines. Thus, the number of knots and weak points get minimized as well.

The second most amazing feature of this reel is its speed. With a gear ratio os 5.7:1, it is super suitable for jiggling style of fishing. You can retrieve the line easily and smoothly. As you know, the materials that resist damage by saltwater increase the price but this Okuma Metaloid spinning reel does not cost that much. Apparently, it might be with the bearings that it reduces its costs. In fact, it only features 4+1 good bearings but they are lesser in number than what other reels feature.

Lastly, Okuma really excels in performance and use with its another feature- the elliptical oscillation system. Apparently, this system helps to align the line properly and make the occurrence of mess impossible. The only thing you might have to be concerned about is the durability. The lower cost kind of cuts the durability and quality of the materials a bit.


• A good choice for vertical jiggling.
• Features really good speed.
• The drag system is smooth and strong.
• Offers good value for the money.
• Looks great.
• Suitable for both right and left-handed anglers.


• Not very durable.
• The retrieve may not always be smooth.
• Requires maintenance.

Buying Guide for the Best Saltwater Spinning Reel

When you are looking for a saltwater spinning reel, you have more to lose if you do not consider the each of the following things:

What makes the reel.
When you are looking for a reel to work in a saltwater environment, the first consideration is definitely the material that builds it. Why? Because salt can cause metals to corrode and metals make reels. If the reel gets corroded too fast, it’s efficiency will decrease and the value provided for money will be too low. It is usually graphite and aluminum that makes the reels. But, for corrosion resistance, anodized aluminum would be the best choice. Apart from that other parts can contain stainless steel in them.

How many lines can it support and what kind?
The species you target with a spinning reel will definitely run far and fast for its life. So, the reel should be capable of accommodating enough line to let the fish run far and then retrieve it with ease. Usually, the capacity will be provided in pounds so just choose the one that suits you. Apart from that, not all spinning reels are capable of being used with braided lines. So, if you want to use braided lines then you should find one that allows you to do so.

How smooth is it?
Even if you have never fished, you have watched a youtube video of fishing, right? How does it feel when your video buffers? Irritating? Well, you will feel worse if your line gets stuck or does not flow smoothly when you are casting or retrieving it. Therefore, another thing you should check is that your reel is capable of working smoothly. You may check the number of bearings it has to get an idea of how smooth it is. Because bearings are wheel-like things that help with a smooth flow. Of course, check the quality of the bearings too besides preferring a higher number of them.

How fast is it?
You basically have to choose one- fast or powerful. Well, you can also choose one that has a bit of both. However, the ones that are fast will fall short on power and vice versa. Now, how do you measure how fast the reel is without using it? By knowing its gear ratio! Apparently, the higher the gear ratio, the higher will be the retrieving speed and lower the power. Usually, a gear ratio above 5:1 gives you a good speed while below it you get better power. If you are targetting the smaller fishes then the speed could help and when you are targeting the bigger ones, you definitely need more power to drag them in. In the end, however, which suits you more it depends on your style of fishing.

How much resistance will it provide to the fish?
When the fish tries to save its own life, it should face some resistance right? This resistance is provided by the drag of the reel. Furthermore, the drag also determines how much pressure the reel can take before it gives in to the fish or the rod breaks. Therefore, you can see how important it is to consider since you do not want to lose to a fish. So, you should find a reel with just the right amount of drag for the species you are targeting. The larger your target, the higher should be the drag. Apparently, the drag is usually shown in lbs. For example, a drag of 20 lbs. can resist weight of 20 lbs. While having more drag is good but you do not always utilize all the resistance that it available. Therefore, instead of being attracted to more and more drag like the battery power of a mobile, keep it just a bit above the required amount and things will be even better.

How comfortable do you feel holding it?
The handles will be the main contact point between you and the reel. You might think that comfort does not matter but when you sit and wait for a fish for hours, a little discomfort seems to weigh a lot more than it actually weighs. Therefore, make sure the handle has the right thickness to it and the material is soft and lightweight.
Benefits of buying the Best Saltwater Spinning Reel

Why buy a saltwater spinning reel instead of using a friend’s one or using the freshwater one?

Because you will definitely enjoy a few benefits if you buy a spinning reel dedicated to saltwater fishing. These are:
• Escape anytime, anywhere: With your own spinning reel you can set out to fish anytime you want to. You can keep your reel in the car when you travel so you can fish when you come across a nice fishing spot.
• Extra protection: Freshwater is not as damaging as saltwater. Using a freshwater reel in saltwater will definitely cut down its lifetime and durability. Therefore, a saltwater reel will help you utilize its full life properly for the purpose it is made for.
• Easy learning curve: Apparently, the spinning reels are easier to deal with then the baitcasting reels. Therefore, beginners find using it easier and hold on to their desire to fish for a long time. Therefore, a spinning reel is capable of getting beginners more into fishing.
• More casting distance: Spinning reels are capable of actually casting farther than other reels. Just use the right line with a nice spinning reel and you can play with your prey for quite some time letting it believe that it is running away.
• More Torque: You will be able to bring in larger fishes more easily with the torque and power provided by these reels.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Saltwater Spinning Reel

  • How do you maintain a spinning reel when it has been in the saltwater?

Apparently, the maintenance is not that tough. All you have to do is wash the reel with some fresh water and wipe it dry. Make sure that no remains from the saltwater are on the reel as that will cause damage to it.

  • How to choose the correct rod for the reel or vice versa?

You actually have to choose both the rod and the reel based on the species you are targetting. So, determine the species first then determine the line capacity you need to catch it. Based on that, choose a rod and a reel that has the right line capacity.


As you can already see, finding the best saltwater spinning reel is no easy task. You have a lot of features to consider and a lot of reels to compare with. Furthermore, you have your own requirements to consider as well. But, once you know the features to consider, it becomes a bit easier to decide which one you need. Moreover, the price considerations narrow the choice down as well. Therefore, with all the new found knowledge it’s time for your brain to go to action mode and evaluate your options.

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