Penn Battle 2 Review

If you are an experienced angler then you are most probably aware of the struggles of saltwater fishing and the never ending battles between man and hard-fighting fish. If you want to emerge has the winner then you will have to go out prepared with the best tool, ready to conquer any catch. Penn has done it again this time with an even better version of their last release, the Penn Battle 2. The Penn Battle is a spinning reel that oozes with power-packed features and a sturdy full-metal body. It comes in 8 different sizes with the lightest being a size 1000 and the biggest being a size 8000. Gear ratios start from 5.2:1 and end with 6.2:1 on the larger versions. The rotor and spool also get bigger with the sizes. For today’s Penn battle 2 review, we have selected the Penn Battle 2 spinning reel in size 3000. Let us now take you through the features and aspects of this model.

Penn Battle 2 Spinning Reel Review

5 Sealed Ball Bearings:

These are sealed stainless steel ball bearings that are constructed to maintain their condition even in the harshness of saltwater. Damage caused by water is basically eliminated with these durable ball bearings. The instant anti-reverse ball bearing takes care of the problem of reels unwinding whenever a fish is caught and tries to escape. No matter how much your catch pulls towards the opposite direction, you will have total control over the reel.

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Super-line Spool:

In the Penn battle 2 review, the marked spool capacity is braid ready and has line capacity rings which allow the angler to stay alert about the amount of line left on the reel. This is an excellent feature that is becoming quite popular because it makes things easier when hooking a big catch. A lot of anglers’ advice not to load the reel to its full capacity as that increases the chances of wind-knots and if you are fishing with a quality braided line then that can hurt your pocket. You can also load the spool with braided line without having to back it with mono as the spool has a rubber inlay.

Impressive Drag Pressure:

HT-100 carbon fiber drag system provides powerful drag and lets you control both sides of the drag washers, which instantly increases drag power by 20%. These washers are also treated with unique grease made by the manufacturers themselves to ensure long-lasting performance. With bigger fish on the other end, it is good to know that you have the access to maximum drag, regardless of whether you use it or not.

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Anti-Reverse Handle:

To make tackling easy with fighting fish, the anti-reverse handle prevents the line from slipping away and the reel from unwinding when your catch decides to swim away in the opposite direction. Both right and left hand anglers find this an added advantage as it allows them to have more power over the fish and bring it in successfully.

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Design and built:

Made of steel, this spinning reel is built to last and withstand rough weather and water that show no mercy to delicate fishing reels. The body, sideplate and rotor are of full metal and the bail wire is of heavy-duty aluminum. You can trust its metallic body to handle any extreme weather conditions without compromising on performance. The rubber gasket also prevents the super line from slipping. Finally, the attractive design of the reel is something that you will enjoy showing off to your fellow anglers.

Paint Quality (Extra Corrosion Resistance):

Saltwater fishing puts a lot of strain on fishing reels. Luckily the Penn Battle 2 has improved paint quality to protect the tool from corrosion caused by saltwater sprays and chemicals. Although the manufacturers have done a great job on the painting, it is important for the user to keep it in good condition when not in use and also clean it well after every use.

  • Ideal for saltwater fishing. Can tackle both small and large fish
  • Features an Anti-Reverse Handle
  • Built for durability and efficiency. The corrosion resistance paint job keeps the reel in good condition and prevents damage caused by chemicals and sprays.
  • Smooth retrievals
  • Ergonomic design
  • Rubber gasket- prevents line slip
  • Accurate gear alignment
  • Line capacity rings
  • Heavy for some
  • Not entirely noise-free


Frequently Asked Questions:

As a newbie can I use this reel on freshwater?

This reel is built for saltwater which means that it is strong enough to handle extreme weather. You can use this in both freshwater and saltwater as it will last through all harsh conditions.

How are the models different from each other and which one is best for me?

The main difference is the size of the reel and line capacity. The sizes with the larger numbers (like 3000 to 8000) are bigger reels compared to models with the lower size numbers. They also have bigger line capacity and a drag system suitable for larger fish. If you are interested in catching only small fish then you can opt for size 1000 (the smallest) which is great for light tackles. But no matter the size of the reel, all models are designed to tackle larger fish, provided you have the right skills.

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This reel is a worthy investment if you are looking to purchase a spinning reel that is reliable, durable and can perform with efficiency even in harsh conditions. In this penn battle 2 review we discuss  Ideal for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, you can enjoy a smooth and fun fishing experience with the Penn Battle II spinning fishing reel. Although the reel comes with high-end features and is built with quality materials, it will not burn a hole in your pocket so you can start your fishing journey in the most affordable manner. The increased drag pressure, the corrosion resistant paint job, the stainless steel ball bearings and the upgraded spool all make this reel an ideal and improved version from all previous models and an excellent choice for any angler.

Gear Ratios: With a gear ratio of 6.2:1, you can expect medium speed. This is particularly great for a delicate fishing application.

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