Shimano Thunnus 12000 CI4 Review


You need your escapes from daily life to be as strong and smooth as the stress that work days provide. Fishing itself is a great way to take your mind off things and focus on the beautiful, fun side of life. However, you might love being in a more challenging fishing environment to engage your senses in a more lively way to refresh yourself.

This is where you decide to go surf fishing and after the larger, more aggressive sea water species. However, not all reels can help you make such big catches. You will have to select your reel carefully when you target the bigger species. And, the Shimano Thunnus CI4 is one such reel that is considered one of the best for surf fishing. With power, quality and affordability, this reel has been on the greatest angler’s favorite list and continues to be on it. In order for you to know this reel better, we have made this Shimano Thunnus 12000 CI4 review.


Features of Shimano Thunnus 12000 CI4: 

 There are many features that make the Thunnus 12000 more attractive and worth it than others. Let’s find out what these features are which makes this reel so great.

  • A CI4 Carbon Fiber Construction.

When it comes to saltwater reels, the material that builds the reel is a more important consideration than other parts. You do not want to exchange or throw the reel you bought recently just because it could not stand the harsh sea water. Shimano takes care that you do not have to do that with its CI4 or Carbon Intrusion 4 frame.

Apparently, carbon is a much stronger material for reels than graphite. So, it not only protects the reel well against corrosion and rust but also provides more strength. Moreover, it reduces the overall weight as well.

  • Aluminum on side plates and some other parts.

Other than carbon, another great choice for constructing the reels as resistant to corrosion is aluminum. The Thunnus 12000 CI4 has aluminum on its side plates and rotor. Therefore, it will stand the harsh environment of the sea quite well.

  • Dartainium II Drag and Cross Carbon Washers.

When you are dealing with the aggressive beasts of the sea, the drag power is an important thing. It must be much higher than the other general reels. The drag system of the Thunnus 12000 is not just durable but super smooth in operation as well.

Apparently, this reel has a maximum drag of around 25 lbs which is quite good for the sea creatures.

  • Unique Drag option.

Catching sea fish is tricky. Therefore, the reel cannot fall behind on tricks. So, it allows you to choose between the main drag and baitrunner drag.

If you want the fish to move along with the bait without fighting the main drag, just flip the specific switch and the main drag power will disappear.

  • Hagane Gear.

Only the capacity and quality are not enough for a good reel. It must be smooth too. What assures a smooth operation is the gear quality. The well designed Hagane gears and their high-quality keeps the reel moving super smoothly.

Apparently, it has a gear ratio 4.8+1 so you cannot expect much speed form this reel. As you are fighting the bigger fishes with it, you do not really need the speed but the power that this reel does not fall short on.

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  • The Bearings. 

The 6+1 bearings that this reel features help to keep everything smooth and make the reel as user-friendly as possible.

  • Line Capacity and Management.

When you are targeting the faster, larger fishes, you need a good line capacity. Furthermore, the line alignment should be easy and accurate. This Thunnus CI4 provides you with both.

The line capacity is 15/270, 20/190, and 40/145 (Test/yards) for Powerpro lines and  8/240, 10/200, and 12/160 for monolines. Apart from that, the propulsion lien management system keeps things knot-free. You can retrieve 37 inches of line in one rotation.

  • Follows SR Concept.

The S concept means strong, silent and smooth while the R concept means turning dream designs into reality. And, that is exactly what this reel does.

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  • A lightweight carbon fiber body that is capable of dealing with larger fishes weighing much much more.
  • Corrosion-resistant parts keep the reel great in the sea environment.
  • Great drag power and smooth drag operation.
  • Gear and bearings keep the operation smooth as well.
  • Good line capacity and easy to cast.
  • Versatile options for drag.
  • Machined aluminum handle keeps it comfortable and durable.
  • Affordable price range.
  • The number of customers who received used reels is alarming.
  • Not very speedy.
  • The baitrunner switch might not be that durable.


Shimano Thunnus 12000 CI4 Review: FAQ


  • What does the number in the name indicate?

 The number ‘12000’ is actually the size of the reel. The greater the number, the greater will be the size. Thus, the greater will be the capacity of the reel. You can find reels of smaller sizes like 4000, 6000, and 8000. The one we reviewed is 12000 and it is the largest.

  • Is the Bail system automatic or manual?

The bail system is automatic.

  • Where are these reels made?

 The Shimano reels are either made in Malaysia or Japan in Shimano factories.

  • What is the recommended line for the Thunnus 12000?

You can use 30lb or 50lb braided lines with it.

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Finally, that was our Shimano Thunnus 12000 CI4 review. Yes, it made it to our best saltwater spinning reel list too. When you are spending so much money on one part of your fishing gear, we know how seriously you take fishing. You are trying to own the best fishing gear so you can also have the best time out there. The Shimano Thunnus 12000 is not just one of the best but also costs much less than others with the same capacity.

In fact, you will find it hard to come across such great quality and capacity reels at this low price point. As long as you receive the correct, new product, you will definitely enjoy surf fishing with this reel. So, that is a wrap for our Shimano Thunnus 12000 CI4 review. We hope you found what you were searching for!

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